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Sep 1st , 2008 04:33 pm - Sarah Palin's daughter's pregnancy.
I'm not trying to drag politics into this community, but I'm curious about how supportive your families were when you had your kids, if you had your kids while still living at home or still somehow dependent on your family.

My family wasn't all that supportive. They've come around since then, I guess, but they didn't help very much and they still don't. I haven't lived at home since about a year and a half ago. What's really stupid is I have a 20 year old sister who dropped out of college to marry a 32 year old, and had a baby really soon after the wedding, and they totally fawn over that baby. When my sister got divorced she moved back home and they still fawn over her and her baby.

Is there a right or wrong way for parents to react when they're about to become grandparents because of an underage or unplanned pregnancy?
Jun 21st , 2008 11:43 pm - What's everyone doing this summer?
I'm going to take two weeks off and take the kids to my parents (rural area), but it's been busy at work and I don't know when I can do it.

It's been really hot and we're running up the electricity bill with the a/c on all the time.
May 10th , 2008 09:33 pm - Hello and introduction.
It seems like most communities/websites for dads are always dead, so it's nice that someone's trying to get this one going. I've seen a couple lj communities for dads come and go.

Anyway, I'm Luc and I'm 27, 28 in August. I have three kids, all girls. Morgan is 9, in 3rd grade. Samantha (Sammy) and Emma (Emmy) are twins, 7, in 1st grade. I work mornings (4-6 hrs a day, depending on work load) as an electrician. I used to work full time and lots of overtime but then I got the kids and I've cut back. I've been lucky that my employer is a good family friend and lets me take the jobs that fit into the girls' school hours.

May 7th , 2008 04:05 pm - Chat Schedule, need input.
I want to throw together a chat schedule, with one chat during the week and one on the weekend. That way if you want to chat you'll know when to go to chat and be able to expect someone else to be there.

What works for people?
This is your official welcome message from the new overlord, vwf

vwf, better known as Victor Wellington Forbes III (yes, I made that up), rules with a firm but fair hand... which means anything goes unless you happen to hit upon one of the things that piss him off. Spam, l33t, and linx to teh pr0n are three of the things you might want to avoid.

Your official chat room is located at a secret location, under an uncrackable password.

Our first order of business is the need for some sort of member profile thingamajig that you can fill out to tell us all that info that we won't actually get through before our eyes glaze over. Someone make one up.

This message would self-destruct, but we used up all the explosives booby-trapping the club house.

Can we have some posts now?
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