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Young Dads Community

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The Young Dads Community is for fathers under 30 years of age. We welcome dads of all types, including married dads, SAHDs, divorced dads, single dads, etc. We do, however, require that you have custody (joint custody is acceptable) of your child. This is not a custody discussion community or a fathers' rights community, but a parenting community, and therefore we require that you be parenting a child.

Fill out the profile here.

Requirements for Members: We require that you participate regularly in this community.

This community is closed, which means that anyone who wants to join must request permission. You may click here to submit a request to join, but the community's owner will need to hear from you before you will be added, especially if your journal is friends-only, doesn't have many entries, or you have not filled out a lot of info on your profile. The owner of this community is vwf.

Come chat in the new chat room. The password is youngdads.